Don't forget to book a place at the Silverstone International Supper Party in the BRDC Clubhouse on 20th May. Entries open for CCRC meeting on 1st May for HF3 and Classic Clubmans at Castle Combe.


Listed below are the Championships and Series that the HSCC organise. To enter these Championships, your vehicle will be required to have either an FIA Historic Technical Passport or an HSCC Vehicle Identity form, please read the individual Championship regulations, for the exact requirements. To apply for an FIA Technical Passport you should contact the Motor Sports Association.


To apply for an HSCC Vehicle Identity form please follow the link highlighted below.  It is in the format of a Word Document, which you should download and complete on your computer. Please then e-mail the completed form in Word format (not pdf) to the HSCC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When the completed form is received at the office it will be forwarded to the appropriate Registrar who will inspect your car at the first available race meeting. Providing the car conforms to the regulations and paperwork presented, upon reciept of the £50 registration fee (£5 only for change of ownership) the completed paperwork will be returned to you. If you are unable to download a Vehicle Identity Form from this website, please contact the office and we will either send you a copy of the form via e-mail or surface mail.  To download your HSCC VIF form click here For a guide on how to complete the VIF form please click here.


2017 Draft Regulations for all Championships and Series have been submitted to the MSA and are available to download from the relevant Championship section below. 2017 Registration forms are also available please donwload here.


HSCC Derek Bell Trophy
A series of races for Formula 5000 and Formula 2 single-seaters built and raced between 1967 and 1979. This is the series for the more powerful cars with wings and slick racing tyres. It encompasses classes for Formula Atlantic, Classic Clubmans and later Formula Three and Formula Ford 2000 cars.

DBT 13




HSCC Guards Trophy supported by Dunlop Tyres
The Guards Trophy GT and Sports Racing Championship is contested by Pre 66 GT cars and Pre 69 sports-racing cars  with an international sporting pedigree from period. Included from 2014 is an invitation class for larger engine Sports Racing Cars built prior to 1968. The series mainly runs to a mini-enduro format and there is a non Championship race for Guards eligible GT cars at he Autosport Three-Hour race at Snetterton with a one hour race for the Sports Racing Cars..

Guards 13




HSCC Classic Formula 3 Championship
The Classic Formula 3 Championship is for F3 cars originally built and raced between 1971 and 1984, and covers two eras of F3 racing; the1600cc twin-cam cars and then the 2-litre cars that were introduced in 1974. The championship also has a classes for Formula Ford 2000s and water-cooled Formula Super Vees.

CF3 13




HSCC By Box Historic Touring Car Championship
Always a tremendous crowd favourite, the Historic Touring Car Championship is for saloon cars that were in series production before 1966. Cars can be developed in line with period modifications, and a separate class is run for cars complying with FIA Appendix K regulations. With Mini Coopers taking on Ford Anglias, Lotus Cortinas, Ford Mustangs and Ford Falcons, the racing is always exciting.
HTC 13




HSCC/FJHRA Historic Formula Junior Championship
The category celebrated its 50th season in 2008, the FJHRA Formula Junior Championship is booming, with huge worldwide interest in the category for 1100cc single-seater racing cars. Although Formula Junior only existed from 1958 to 1963, it continues to be one of the most popular of all historic racing categories. The HSCC works closely with the FJHRA in the running of the UK championship.
FJ 13

Published Regulations 2016 Front Engined

Published Regulations 2016

Published Regulations 2017

Published Regulations 2017 Front Engined





HSCC 70s Road Sports Championship
The 70s Road Sports Championship does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a race series for road-legal production sports cars produced and registered in the 1970s. Some minor modifications to engines and suspension are permitted, but bodyshells must remain standard. For a full list of eligible cars and weights click on 'Weights' in the box below. The result is a huge and varied field, packed with Porsches, Datsuns, MGs and many more marques. Extra Championship points are awarded for cars driven to and from the circuit on the road.
70s 13





HSCC Historic Formula Ford Championship supported by Avon Tyres
One of the most popular of the HSCC's single-seater categories, the Historic FF1600 Championship is for cars built and raced before 1972. These are cars from the glorious early years of Formula Ford racing and the cars offer close, exciting and affordable single-seater racing. Historic Formula Ford is perfect for newcomers and a special novice class is part of the championship.

HFF 13




HSCC Historic Road Sports Championship
Like its 1970s counterpart, the Historic Road Sports Championship is for production sports and GT cars built and registered between 1947 and 1969. To be eligible, models should have a period competition history and some modifications to engines and suspension are permitted. For full list click on 'Weights' in the box below.The grids are always packed, with models ranging from TVRs to Lotus, MG, Ginetta and Turner. Extra Championship points are awarded for cars driven to and from the circuit on the road.




Historic Formula Ford 2000
This championship is for Historic Formula Ford 2000 single seater cars built and raced before 1980. In the late 1970s, FF2000 was a hugely successful category and the cars now offer an affordable way to race in a slicks and wings class in cars that can be prepared and maintained by owners. 

FF2000 13




HSCC Classic Racing Car Series
The Classic Racing Car Championship is open to a wonderful range of single-seaters of the 1960s, although exact cut-off dates do vary depending on class and engine size. Basically, these are the racing cars from the era before wings and slick racing tyres and the cars run on a Dunlop treaded tyre. Cars come from classes ranging from Formula 1 to Formula Junior, although former F2 and F3 cars are the most common.




HSCC Historic Formula 3
These evocative 'screamers' competed across the race tracks of Europe between 1964 and 1970. In 2011 the HSCC experimented with its first standalone race for these cars at the Cadwell Park Wolds Trophy, the following year this was extended into a fuller series of standalone races. With its continued success, for 2015 an Invitation Class has been added for Historic F3 cars built between 1964 and 1970 complying only with Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy Regulations.
HF3 13


HSCC Super Touring Car Trophy
This race series is open to touring cars, from Pre' 1980, to 31.12.99 conforming to either FIA Group 1, Group 2, Group A, DTM cars Pre 1993 and Super Touring Car regulations 1990-2000. All cars must have FIA HTP papers or HSCC VIFs. Bringing the best of the touring car action from across the eras, eligible cars include, Alfa Romeo 156, Audi A4, BMW M3, Ford Sierra Cosworth, Nissan Primera and Vauxhall Vectra.
st 13

Published Regulations 2016

Published Regulations 2017



HSCC Classic Clubmans Championship
The HSCC Classic Clubmans Championship is for Pre-1981 front-engined Clubmans sports racing cars with cycle type front mudguards, as defined in the Championship regulations divided into the following classes:
Class A: Pre '81 Chassis with 1700cc Ford X-Flow full race engines.
Class B: Pre '81 Chassis with
1600cc Formula Ford X-Flow engines
Class C: Pre '72 Chassis with 4 cylinder normaly aspirated period engines
Class INV: Invitation class for Clubmans type cars that will be allowed to race only on the specific invitation of the Classic Clubmans Standing Group.
Classic Clubmans Web Pic

Published Regulations 2016




Pre 80 Endurance

The Pre-80 Endurance Series is open to Sports Racing, GT and Touring Cars of a type that would have competed in the World Endurance Championship, FIA GT Championship, FIA 2 Litre Sports Car Championship or other International Competition up to 31st December 1979.  There is also an invitation class for Sports 2000 cars built up to 31st December 1984 conforming to SRCC regulations.  With the exception of Sports 2000 cars all cars must have a valid FIA HTP.  For class structure please see regulations below.





Historic Formula 2

The Historic Formula 2 International Series is open to single seater racing cars built to the appropriate Formula 2, Formula B and Formula Atlantic regulations between 1st January 1967 and 31st December 1978, running to their original specification and using components of a type used in period. A valid FIA Historic Technical Passport (HTP) must be presented. For more details click on the Historic Formula 2 website in the link at the top of this page on the left hand side.



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